2021 RSM Retreat Agenda


Theme:  Celebrating Success & Sharpening the Saw

7:35-8:00am: Ice Breaker

8:00-8:15am:  Welcome – Dan Floyd

Dan will welcome the team and introduce new people and celebrate our success.   Tapping into the theme of “Grow Through What you Go Through”

8:15-8:50am: Celebrating Success – Greg French

Greg will highlight or successes, challenges and set the stage for growth.  The theme will be rebuilding for the future, we have the single greatest opportunity to rebuild our inventory and add new dealers in the next 12-18 months.  We have a lot of new leaders we want to share our knowledge and learn from one another.  This will lead into the next activity.

8:50-9:45am: Activity:  DNA of a Million Dollar Dealer

Facilitator:  Dan Floyd & Christine Lockwood

Activity Designer:  Christine Lockwood & Mandy Harvill

  • General Concept:  RSM’s and Corporate Participants are broken into 3-5 groups.
    • Suggest Counting off or drawing popsicle sticks etc to randomly group.
  • The goal is for each group to discuss what they look for in a dealer and in a dealer location.
    • Example discussion questions:
      • What qualities do you look for in a dealer?
      • What experiences might they have had that would indicate they would be successful?
      • What qualities should make you turn and run away as fast as you can!
      • What do you look for when identifying locations for a dealer?
      • Do you find the location and then find a dealer or vice versa?
      • Do you only look for dealers that have a location?
  • Facilitator Questions
    • Each group would have a leader share and we would record the feedback on a whiteboard or flip chart etc.
    • Consider doing it in a way that the first group to present doesn’t leave the rest of the groups with nothing to share.  

9:50-10:30am A Dealer Success Story:  How did you do it?  Brandi Foulkes

  • Brandi Foulkes our Henderson, TN dealer will share her formula for success and how she started a million-dollar pace right out of the gate!

10:30-10:45am Break

10:45-12:15am Marketing Presentation (Title Needed) – Brad Doll

  • Brad will close out the morning session, feed off of Brandi’s message and share amazing content.

12:30-1:20pm Lunch

1:30-1:50pm Rebuilding for the Future – Greg French

  • Greg will continue the discussion around rebuilding for the future, with inventory and marketing at the heart of the discussion.  Reinforcing the our desire for a strong product strategy that gives us flexibility into the future.

1:50-4:00pm Inventory and Marketing Mini-Sessions

  • Sessions
    • Marketing & Sales Round Table 
      • Purpose:  Allow input and brainstorming on ideas for promotions, marketing tools, and the year-end banquet.
    • Inventory & Production Strategy
      • Purpose:  Discussion of Inventory Strategy, New Color Roll Out, Inventory Ordering & Product Line-Up.

1:50-2:50pm:  Session 1

    • Group A:  Marketing & Sales Round Table Activity
      • Facilitators:  Brad Doll & Dan Floyd
    • Group B:  Inventory & Product Strategy 
      • Facilitators:  Angela Kendall & Greg French

1:50-3:00pm:  Break

3:00-4:00pm:  Session 2

    • Group B:  Marketing & Sales Round Table Activity
      • Facilitators:  Brad Doll & Dan Floyd
    • Group A:  Inventory & Product Strategy 
      • Facilitators:  Angela Kendall & Greg French


Theme:  Leading the Way!  Driving Growth Through Operational Excellence

7:05-8:00am Breakfast

8:05-8:40am Opening Remarks – Greg French

  • Greg will focus on how the corporate office is restructuring for the future growth so that we can lead and never look behind us again.

8:45-9:20am Team Building Activity

  • Team Building Activity with a Focus on Working Together
    • Planners:  Sales & Marketing Team
    • Facilitator:  Determined by Sales & Marketing Team

9:30-10:40am Operational Mini-Sessions

  • Sessions
    • Configure One & Inventory Ordering
      • Facilitators:  Angela Kendall & Ryan Holland
      • Demo of Configure One and discussion of Inventory Ordering & Strategy
    • Logistics & Order Fulfillment
      • Facilitators:  Wes Titus, Carlos Hernandez, Tim Sprouse, Mike Derkacy
      • Introduction of Carlos Hernandez, vision for the future, round table to discuss ideas for improvement, identification of areas for improvement etc.

9:30-10:40am Session 1

    • Group A:  Configure One & Inventory Ordering
    • Group B:  Logistics & Order Fulfillment 

10:40-10:50am Break

11:00-12:10pm Session 2

    • Group B:  Configure One & Inventory Ordering
    • Group A:  Logistics & Order Fulfillment 

12:30-1:20pm Lunch

1:30-2:00pm Opening Remarks – TBD

2:00-3:30pm Divisional Breakouts

  • West Division Dan Floyd & Coordinator Team
  • East Division Wes Titus & Coordinator Team
  • South Division Tim Sprouse & Coordinator Team
  • Central Division Greg French & Coordinator Team


Theme:  Partnering for the Future

7:00-9:00am Breakfast & Auction

9:00-10:00am Guest Speaker —   Asa Haynes

10:00-11:00am Closing Remarks – Greg French


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