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Types of Portable Buildings and What They Mean for You


What Are Portable Buildings?

A portable building is a type of structure built on a skid foundation that has been designed to be transported using a specialty truck and trailer. These buildings are delivered to your property and then placed in the position you want using a specialty utility vehicle called a “mule”. Portable buildings come in a range of sizes, and you may be surprised just how big many of these structures can be. Some cabins have just as many square feet as a studio apartment in a big city! Here at Graceland, our portable buildings range from 6’x12’* all the way up to 16’x40’.**

When most people think of portable buildings, they think of small storage sheds that are used for outdoor storage, but there are actually a wide variety of buildings that fall under this type of structure category. In addition to storage sheds, portable buildings can also be garages, barns, and cabins. Far from just a simple four walls, roof, and door, many portable buildings have windows, porches, and lofted roofs. Many are just as charming as they are functional, and because they can withstand being picked up and moved, they’re quite durable as well. 

Common Uses

Portable buildings are commonly used to add additional outdoor storage space to a property. They’re great to keep things like gardening tools, camping gear, sports equipment, power tools, and other things you may not want to take up room in your house. Storage sheds are also a great option for storing seasonal decorations and outdoor furniture that you only need for certain times of the year. 

Outdoor storage is perhaps the most obvious use for portable buildings like storage sheds, but they have a variety of other uses. A portable building can also be used as a garage and is ideal for storing bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, and even many full-sized cars. They’re a great place to keep all the equipment needed to maintain and repair these vehicles, too. 

Portable buildings can be more than just simple storage sheds for your belongings and vehicles. They also make for great workshops and studio offices that you can go to and tinker away or get some work done in solitude. 

Lastly, some people upgrade their portable buildings with all the comforts of home to use them as tiny homes. In addition to being a very cost-effective form of living, tiny homes made from portable buildings appeal to people living a very minimalist lifestyle.

Types of Portable Buildings

People are often surprised at the variety of portable buildings and storage sheds that exist. 

Utility Shed: When people think of portable buildings, many think of utility sheds. They can be extremely basic to offer maximum interior square-footage at a low cost, or can be upgraded with lofts, doors, windows, and so much more for practically any use. 

Barn: This kind of portable building has an iconic “gambrel” barn roof and, often, double doors. Like the utility shed, barns are often used for the storage space they provide, but can be utilized or upgraded for practically any purpose. 

Garden Shed: Like utility sheds, garden sheds are often very basic storage buildings used primarily for garden and other outdoor storage needs. Many come with double doors and a window, but can be customized or upgraded to fit any need or preference.

Garage: This kind of portable building is often used to store riding lawn mowers, bicycles, ATVs, motorcycles, cars, tools, and so much more! Most have a sliding garage door in the front, and often a regular door on the side of the building for easier in-and-out access. Lofts can be added for extra storage space, plus additional doors and windows, as desired. 

Cabin: As the name suggests, cabins are often used as starting structures for creating recreational or permanent living spaces for people. It is typically much less expensive to finish out portable cabins as living spaces than it is to buy or build new homes from scratch. But please keep in mind that if you convert a portable building into a living structure, be sure to comply with all local construction and electrical regulations. Cabins are often ordered with porches with rails, plus additional doors and windows, to enhance their functionality and beauty as temporary or permanent dwelling spaces. 

All portable buildings offer outdoor storage, but can be used for so much more. At Graceland, we offer a wide variety of styles, sizes, and features so you can customize any of our portable buildings for practically any dream or purpose you have in mind. 

Now that you know what portable buildings are, the various styles they come in, how they can be used, and how they can be customized for practically any purpose, contact the Graceland dealer near you today, and Make Room for Life™ with your very own Graceland Portable Building! 


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