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What's Inside
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The Portable Garages from Graceland Portable Buildings feature simple and clean lines to create that appealing design. Imagine having this portable garage in your backyard and using it as a convenient carport, storage space or easy access to lawnmowers, cars, bicycles, garden tools, barbecues and more!

Graceland Portable Buildings comes with a soffit ventilation system that keeps the garage cool, sturdy flooring, treated runners, galvanized ring shank nails, and floor joists. No other portable buildings company can offer the quality craftsmanship we offer at Graceland.

These garage buildings also come in various paint and urethane colors, so you can personalize them to your liking. Once you have a siding stain or wall color, you can proceed to dress it up with a color trim, wall color and roof color of your choice.

Quality Garage Sheds

Once you purchase our carefully constructed Portable Garage, you will be sure that the structure will serve your vehicle storage needs for years. Our pop up garages are built with unique designs and craftsmanship you can trust. They are designed to meet and exceed state and federal specifications and the industry’s regulations.

Each building from Graceland Portable Buildings has passed through a Quality Management System that aims at offering a solution to improve your landscape and increase your property’s value. One thing you will like about us is that we are committed to producing quality products.

Why Choose a Graceland Portable Garage?

  • Design- Each garage building from Graceland Portable Buildings is designed to meet your home’s functional and aesthetic needs. We also ensure that all our procedures comply with the international building codes and regulations.
  • Price- Whether you want a new or a pre-owned pop up garage or garage shed, you will be sure to find a building structure that will meet your budget. We also have a 60-month rent-to-own plan to ensure you get the garage of your dreams.
  • Support- Despite our commitment to quality, we stand behind every building and structure to offer the best customer support throughout the whole process. 

Order a Top-Quality Garage Today!

Are you ready to purchase our portable garage to increase your home’s storage space? Call 888-472-2304 to place an order or visit a Graceland dealer near you to learn more about our products and services.

This sturdy construction provides ample room, making this the perfect solution for a workshop or large storage needs.



10 FOOT: 10×20, 10×24

12 FOOT: 12×20, 12×24, 12×28, 12×32, 12×36, 12×40

14 FOOT: 14×24, 14×28, 14×32, 14×36, 14×40

16 FOOT: 16×24, 16×28, 16×32, 16×36, 16×40

Building measurements are approximate and are measured from eave to eave when 12’ wide or greater. Sizes vary by location. Colors shown are only intended as a guide and may vary from actual color on building; check actual building samples before making final selection. Some features shown are upgrades to our standard features.

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