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Graceland Portable Buildings - Urban Shed

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Graceland Portable Buildings – Urban Shed

An Urban Shed from Graceland Portable Buildings® is a convenient and versatile storage solution that will add value and functionality to your property for decades. It can be used to store any number of items that you need to keep out of the elements but don’t have room for in the house, including gardening tools, lawn care equipment, camping gear, and more. With the right additional features and options, your Urban Shed can become a home gym, workshop, home office, and a lot more. However, no matter how you choose to use it, it will enhance your property for years because of our unwavering dedication to quality.

Our Urban Sheds have clean lines and white accents that resemble the styling of the classic American barn, as well as 4” overhang on all sides of the building, giving them a very charming appeal. Features like our patented soffit vents on the front and back walls, treated runners and 2×6 floor joists, 16″ on center studs with double studs every 48″, 89″ studs on all four walls, 24” on center trusses, and more make the structure just as durable as it is stylish.

Quality Urban Sheds

Quality is something we are committed to at Graceland, and we proudly stand behind the quality of every Urban Shed, along with all the other structures we manufacture. To ensure all buildings are up to our high standards and meet or exceed federal, state, and industry-specific regulations, we implement a strict Quality Management System (QMS). When you purchase an Urban Shed from us, you can confidently know that it will enhance your property for a lifetime.

Why Choose Graceland Portable Buildings?

In addition to quality, there are a few other reasons why Graceland is your best choice for an Urban Shed and all other types of portable buildings.

  • Design: Graceland sheds give you the very best of style, function, and durability because we seriously consider each of these aspects when creating a structure.
  • Price: We have an Urban Shed for every budget to ensure price doesn’t get in the way of you getting the storage solution your property needs.
  • Support: We strive to offer superior customer service before, during, and even after a customer makes a purchase

Order Your Urban Shed from Graceland Portable Buildings Today!

By purchasing an Urban Shed from Graceland, you join a large and growing family of satisfied customers. Contact us or find an authorized dealer near you today!

New building style!

Our Urban Shed is perfect for limited spaces and can be positioned close to a house or other existing building. It’s the perfect simple storage solution when you need to de-clutter your home.



Building measurements are approximate and are measured from eave to eave when 12’ wide or greater. Sizes vary by location. Colors shown are only intended as a guide and may vary from actual color on building; check actual building samples before making final selection. Some features shown are upgrades to our standard features.

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