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How To Find Your Partner Code

Partner Codes are used to identify your business within our database and to order media boxes. It is important to know your partner code and be able to access it. Below is a tutorial on how to locate your partner code.

First: Visit Our Website

The quickest and most efficient way to access your partner code is to visit our website.
Graceland Portable Buildings

Second: Enter Your Zip Code

When you land on the home page of www.gracelandportablebuildings.com you will see an interactive map. Above the map you’ll find a place to enter your zip code. Then click “SEARCH“.

dealer locator

Third: Find Your Business

Once you click on “SEARCH“, a list of dealers in the area of the zip code will appear. Find your business name and click on it.


Fourth: Locate Your Partner Code

Here you will find all of the information for your business, including your partner code. The partner code is listed beside “Number“. Every partner code will include a division identification and a specific number. For example, KYWP3089.

Partner Code
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