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6 Creative Ways To Use A Shed In Your Backyard

backyard shed

Sheds have been in backyards for a long portion of mankind’s history. These buildings have since upgraded their role from simple storage units into an accentuating feature for homeowners. Sheds increase the value of your home; but they also provide an environment to indulge in recreational activities, an additional workplace, or just extra space to store possessions. The sky’s the limit for these backyard storage spaces. Here are 6 creative ways you can use a shed in your backyard.

1. Art studio

Turning your shed into a small studio will get the creativity flowing with a brand new setting for inspiration. The average shed is 48-288 square feet (comparable to the average bedroom at 244 square feet) and can not only work as an art storehouse, but become an art studio for various crafts such as: painting, sculpting, musicianship, architecture, and writing.

2. Office

The rise of remote work has led to workers performing their duties from every corner of the world. Many different distractions are around every corner of the average person’s house. Turning your backyard shed into a workable office is an incredibly easy process to undertake and simply requires electricity, comfortable furniture, and lighting.

3. Playhouse

A playhouse encourages younger kids to get creative and enjoy some sunshine. An interesting paint job complimented by interior furniture and outdoor toys could convert your barely used shed into a youngsters wonderland.

4. Backyard Bar

Summer, spring and fall are all blessed with beautiful weather and stunning sights all around us. Trees are either budding, blooming, or falling to the ground in spectacular colors. Converting your shed into an outdoor bar will bring a new spin to the casual drink and having company over.

5. Garden Tool Storage

Gardening comes with many tools and supplies that need adamite storage space. Have a space you can customize to your style and gardening needs.

6. Animal Shelter

Chicken coop? Dog kennel? Space. Having a space your animals can safely hangout in the backyard while keeping out of the elements.

Graceland Portable Building dealers are one quick call or website visit away. Find a dealer near you for more information! Sheds are more than an easy way to increase property value by thousands– they’re another creative way to spice up your environment for extra fun.


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