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Benefits of Owning A Portable Building

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What is a Portable Building?

Everyone already has a good idea of what a portable building is, but you may not know exactly what qualifies a building as being portable. A portable building is any structure that is made with the intention of being mobile or not permanently fixed to one location. Structures like barns, sheds, and cabins are some of the most common, and at Graceland Portable Buildings, we offer 13 different kinds in a variety of styles.

Today, more and more people are realizing the benefits of owning a portable building, and whether they’re using them simply for the added storage space they offer, to create a dedicated space for a specific hobby, or are downsizing and joining the tiny home movement, these benefits make their investment well worth it. Not convinced? Read on to discover some of the benefits of owning a portable building that you may have never considered before and learn all the ways you could use one in your life.

Benefits of Portable Buildings

Fewer Construction Hassles

Portable buildings come pre-constructed and can be installed quickly. No need to buy supplies and try and build something yourself or spend time looking for a reliable contractor. Unlike these more permanent structures you or a contractor would build, a portable building doesn’t even require a foundation to be dug, freeing you of any construction hassle.


Portable buildings are obviously, well, portable. There’s really no commitment with a portable building. You can move it around your property to accommodate other projects that might take its place and easily move on from it and sell it if it’s outlived its usefulness. Furthermore, it can travel with you if you plan on moving.

Cost-Effective Living or Storage Solution

Because they’re not constructed on-site, manufacturers are able to keep costs low, meaning a portable building, such as a tiny home, is often a much more cost-effective option than having a permanent structure built on-site. And when you buy from a quality manufacturer like Graceland, you also won’t have to worry about expensive repair or maintenance costs because our buildings are built to meet or exceed all portable building IBC (International Building Code) regulations.


Our portable buildings are designed to be flexible, so you can use them for just about anything. From storage space to temporary office space and even extra living space, there are so many options.


At Graceland, we only use the finest building materials for our portable buildings and go the extra mile in every way possible to make our creations durable and strong. We use 2×6 floor joists instead of the typical 2×4 and treat this wood to resist termites and decay. Rather than simple 1×4 wood slats, we use metal roofs that are screwed down and fastened to wood decking. Walls, floors, and 4×6 runners all use top quality lumber with nails that are hot dipped galvanized ring shank to ensure they don’t rust. Read our quality statement to learn more about our commitment to building strong and durable portable buildings.

Customization is Possible

From paint color and paint type to doors and windows, there’s a lot you can do to make your portable building uniquely your own and perfect for your needs. Check out our features and options page for more customization options we offer.


When you need a storage solution now and can’t wait for a contractor to draw up plans, gather materials, and start construction, you need a portable building. Portable buildings are an ideal solution in any situation where time is of the essence.

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