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Graceland Portable Buldings – Dormer Shed

Dormer Shed

Think of the Graceland Dormer Shed as a dramatic style and functionality upgrade to a typical backyard storage building. It gets the “dormer” name because it contains dormer windows, which are windows that project vertically from the sloping roof. In addition to enhancing the beauty of the building, dormer windows fill the interior of the building with natural lighting, eliminating or reducing the need for electrical lighting, and elevating the brightness, natural beauty, amd overall “mood” inside the building. This effect can be further amplified by adding multi-pane windows to the doors and gables of the shed. The elegance of Graceland Dormer Sheds are further enhanced through specially-cut trim shapes and styles. As with all Graceland buildings, our Dormer Sheds can be customized to suit your every whim and passion, including personalized paint and trim colors, roofing materials, lofts, numerous door and window style options, flower boxes, and so much more! 

Highest Quality Buildings

Graceland prides itself on offering the best quality materials, superior craftsmanship, highest-rated customer service, and best warranties in the portable buildings industry. While other shed companies use 7/16″ or 1/2″ OSB (i.e. glued wood particle) floors and siding, Graceland’s uses 5/8″ treated, tongue-and-groove plywood floors and treated plywood siding as our standard, backed by limited lifetime warranties. We use the highest-grade lumber and materials for greater strength, beauty, and longevity; and significantly increase the strength and durability of our buildings by offering 16″ on-center wall studding, double-studs every third stud; and double-studs on our top plates. Graceland reinforces the structures around our doors and windows to ensure they open and close throughout their lifetimes. We achieve the highest wind ratings in the industry through the use of hurricane screws or clips. Graceland buildings “breathe” through the use of our patented soffit vents coupled with fine-screened ridge vents so fresh air enters in through the soffits and pushes hot, most air up and out of the ridge vents, reducing mold, mildew, rust, and rotting, while also lowering room temperatures 15 degrees in hot summer months. Our “G Board” radiant barriers reduce temperatures an additional 15 degrees in the summer by deflecting 97% of the sun’s radiant energy. Graceland’s metal roofs are fastened to wood decking and screwed down solid, not on 1×4 wood slats, making them much more durable. We use hot-dipped, galvanized ring shank nails which hold like screws and avoid the “rust spots” of our competitors. Graceland offers the greatest structural support for the flooring of our buildings through the use of treated, interlocking 4×6 runners and 2×6 floor joists, versus our competitors’ flimsy 2×4 floor joists. Our floor wood is treated to prevent decay and resist damage from insects and rodents. Graceland buildings are designed to meet or exceed IBC (International Building Code) regulations for portable buildings. And if all of this wasn’t enough, Graceland backs our buildings with the best customer support and warranties in the industry. 

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Graceland Dormer Sheds offer the perfect combination of style, craftsmanship, and functionality and will add a lifetime of beauty and value to your property. Why wait? Find a dealer near you today! 


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