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How Easy It Is To Get A Graceland Portable Building

How Easy It Is To Get A Graceland Portable Building

Graceland Portable Buildings® has been the industry leader in portable buildings for over 15 years. We have helped thousands of customers across the United States with their portable building needs and have hundreds of dealers serving states from coast to coast. Whether you are looking for some extra storage, office space for your small business, or a getaway cabin for the lake, we make it easy to find the right portable building for your space.

Here is how easy it is to get a Graceland Portable Building

1. Decide Which Building You want on GracelandPortableBuildings.com

We have hundreds of options that are customized to fit your unique needs. We currently have 16 structure styles to choose from, with various styles of roofing, paints, sidings, and trim available on each model. 

2. Our Buildings

You can choose from great options like BarnsCabinsCorner Porch CabinsCorner Porch Lofted Barn CabinsGarden ShedsLofted BarnsLofted Barn CabinsLofted Barn GaragesPortable GaragesSide Lofted BarnsSide Porch CabinsUtility ShedsUrban ShedsMini Sheds, and the Wraparound Porch Lofted Barn Cabins.

3. Find a Dealer

We have hundreds of dealers across the country. You can find your local dealer here.

4. Visit Your Local Graceland Portable Building Dealer

When you have an idea of what style you are looking for, stop by one of our dealerships. Our trained dealers will be happy to help answer any questions you may have about the buildings themselves, as well as the buying and delivery process. 

5. The 3 P’s You Need to Get a Graceland Building

Anyone with a Pulse, Payment, and Place to put it is eligible for their very own Graceland Portable Building. We are happy to work with anyone who comes in our dealer’s doors, but before you come in, decide how you will be paying and where your portable building will be placed. Customers can pay for their portable buildings in full or sign up for our payment plans. Before payment is handled, we will need you to have the location it will be placed prepared, and ready for delivery. You will be responsible for supplying the foundation blocks (concrete blocks) to set your building on. Your delivery driver will inform you in advance of the quantity needed for your style building. Make sure you have them on location and ready when the building arrives. Your lot will need to be less than 30” out of level in the length of the building before installation. 

6. Cash or Rent to Own – Up to 60 Months Terms

For those looking to pay cash, come in ready for payment, and we will get your portable building ordered pronto! For those looking for a rent to own option, we offer up to 60-month financing. We have no credit checks and only require the first month’s payment to get started. 

7. Free Delivery Options

We have no hidden charges behind our portable buildings. If you order a Signature Series model building and are within 50 miles of our dealership, delivery and installation are free. If you order an Essential Series model building and are within 30 miles of our dealership, delivery and installation are free. For those outside of these ranges, there is a small fee included. 

8. Prepare Your Land for Delivery

Before your delivery, you will need to take a few steps to ensure your portable building is ready for delivery and installation. Start by ensuring you are familiar with all local zoning, permits, setbacks, and covenant requirements. You can contact your local government if you have any questions or need clarification on what requirements you will need to adhere to. Once you have obtained all permits and know where your portable building can be placed, you will need to prepare the land. Ensure the slope of your new portable building’s location is less than 30” out of level. Your delivery driver will inform you of how many foundation blocks your building will need. You will be responsible for having these ready on the day of delivery. The last thing before your delivery will be to clear a path to the site of your new building. Ensure there is a wide path with nothing in the way. Graceland is not responsible for repairing or replacing damaged fences, gates, trees, bushes, shrubs, etc.

9. Best Warranty Protection in the Industry

Graceland uses only the best materials available on the market to ensure every quality portable building we sell is built to last. Graceland buildings are also covered by the best warranties in the business. For a detailed summary of our warranties, please visit GracelandPortableBuildings.com/warranties

10. Enjoy your Beautiful, Functional Graceland Portable Building for the Rest of Your Life!

Once your Graceland Portable Building has been installed, it is time to enjoy it! Our buildings are designed with the highest quality standards in the industry, so you can enjoy them year after year. Stop by one of our dealerships and find your perfect portable building today!

“LOOK FOR THE G” for Quality and Affordability!


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