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What Separates Graceland from the Competition?

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There are so many varieties and options when it comes to purchasing a portable building. How do you know you are buying from the right manufacturer? We’ll explore those options in this blog and offer some insight so you will feel confident and informed about your portable building investment. Rest assured that you are selecting a company who offers the best quality materials, superior craftsmanship, highest-rated customer service, and the best warranties in the industry. We know you will love and use your Graceland Portable Buildings for years to come.

Here’s what separates us from the competition and why a Graceland portable building is the right choice for your property:

Features and Options That You Can’t Get Elsewhere

Whether you’re looking for a small utility shed or something larger for outdoor storage such as a lofted barn, side lofted barn, or other roomier storage options, Graceland offers quality materials and exclusive options to make it stronger and more durable than any other portable building on the market.

One thing that differentiates us from our competitors is the type and quality of materials we use, many of which are exclusive to Graceland Portable Buildings. While most of our competitors use 7/16″ or 1/2″ OSB (i.e. glued wood particle) floors and siding as their standard offering, the Graceland Signature Series comes with 5/8″ treated, tongue-and-groove plywood floors and treated plywood siding as our standard. Graceland’s high-grade lumber is not only stronger and more durable but also more aesthetically pleasing. For added strength and durability, we also construct our portable buildings with 16″ on-center wall studding, double-studs every third stud, and double-studs on our top plates. Floors are created with interlocking 4×6 runners and 2×6 floor joists, while many of our competitors use flimsy 2×4 floor joists, which are weaker and less durable. Graceland’s flooring wood is treated to prevent decay and resist damage from insects and rodents.

The metal roofs on Graceland buildings are fastened to wood decking and screwed down solid instead of on 1×4 wood slats, as other manufacturers do. This makes our roofs more durable, and unlike our competition, we use hot-dipped, galvanized ring shank nails to hold in the screws and avoid rust spots from developing. Doors and windows are also reinforced to ensure they can open and close with ease throughout their entire lifetime, and we achieve the highest wind ratings in the industry with the use of hurricane screws or clips.

In addition to our high-quality materials and construction, we also have a variety of propriety technologies built into our portable buildings and outdoor storage sheds. Take our patented soffit ventilations system, which keeps our interiors drier and up to 15 degrees cooler in the summer. Our optional “G Board” Radiant Barriers reduce temperatures by an additional 10-15 degrees in the summer by deflecting 97% of the sun’s radiant energy.

Features and Options That You Can’t Get Elsewhere

Another thing that sets Graceland Portable Buildings apart from other outdoor storage and portable building manufacturers is the quality of our service. Whether you come to us looking for a simple utility shed that will add more storage space to your property or something a little larger and more inviting to turn into a tiny home, office or workshop like one of our corner porch lofted barn cabins, you’ll receive exceptional customer service and personal care and attention from our team. This includes free delivery and set-up to customers whose property is within 50 miles of one of our authorizer dealers.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the portable building you need, which is why theirs is never a credit check if you wish to rent to own rather than purchase a Graceland building. You can select your date of payment (as long as it is within 30 days of delivery), and there is no prepayment penalty. 

At Graceland, we stand behind the quality and construction of every one of our portable buildings and offer the best warranties in the business. In short, nobody offers better customer support or warranty protection, and our customer satisfaction ratings speak for themselves.

Features and Options That You Can’t Get Elsewhere

As the industry leader in portable buildings and outdoor sheds, Graceland Portable Buildings is the clear choice. Find a dealer near you today!


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